Get Ignited!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so kick things off with a bang...Fit Ignition style!

Ignite Me!

Fit Ignition views fitness in a dynamic way that is geared toward making your life progressively more enjoyable and rewarding.

Matt Maresca

"No matter your age, situation, or current physical condition, you can improve your life by taking steps to progress your fitness."

Matt Maresca, Your Coach and Fitness Rock Star

Get Phyically Fit

A fit body is has the energy, strength, stability, and flexibility to do whatever you need to do in an effective manner.

Get Mentally Fit

A fit mind fires in ways that help you learn, communicate, and solve problems, while staying clear of the clutter brought on by stress.

Get Socially Fit

A fit social life is one in which you experience things that make you happy with people who make you happy.

This all comes together when you...

Live in Motion

Fit Ignition was created to bring this new dynamic fitness to a world in desparate need of motion.

Create Your Fitness Adventure


Challenge your body to progress in ways you've never progressed before. Explore


Physical exercise benefits the mind in innumerable ways.Explore


Bring friends into your fitness adventure and meet new people in the process.Explore

Fit Ignition